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E-Invoicing (FATOORAH) software
ZATCA E-invoicing for Saudi Arabia

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Get ZATCA e-Invoicing compliant before Dec 4th, 2021
  • Integrate with any ERP/ PoS easily
  • Invoices in Arabic & English with QR code
  • Become phase II ready in one go

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We are Asia’s leading Tax and Compliance SaaS provider.


Bulk generation of 5,000+ invoices in a second

Connect with any ERP

Integrate over API, SFTP and connectors with any ERP

Smart e-Archive

Easily searchable archive for data download of 7+ years


ZATCA compliant platform with 100% business continuity


40M+ e-invoices generated. No scale is too steep for us

Custom Printing

Customized XML embedded PDF templates as needed

Phase II ready

No changes required for Phase II compliance

Data and Security

Data localization and security as per local laws

Smart insights

Dashboards and MIS on web and mobile platform

Connect any ERP or PoS, hassle-free

No matter what platform you use, we connect with it. Our 75+ member in-house team has delivered 1,400+ ERP integrations. You can opt for flexible data import through connectors or excel templates.

Phase I and Phase II ready in one go

How to be e-Invoicing ready? In Phase I, check the internal system’s readiness with ERP integrations. In Phase II, BOT ERP robust platform will integrate with ZATCA systems directly without any changes in your ERP.

Your data security is our priority

We take no chances when it comes to the security of our clients’ data. We are at the cutting edge of enterprise-grade cyber security

Data Residency

We ensure that all your data gets stored within KSA as per government mandate


We do not share your or your clients’ data with unaffiliated third parties for their ownpurposes


Your data is transmitted across SSL certified pathways. We are SOC 2 complian

Smart validation to avoid penalties

We do 150+ AI based smart validations on your input data even before generating e-invoice, ensuring there are almost zero errors in your invoices

Smart reporting and MIS

Store and bulk download historical data

Never lose track of data. Download bulk data till 7 years instantaneously

Search invoices in just milliseconds

Easily search your e-Archive via invoice number, date, buyer details etc

Intelligent dashboards at your fingertips

Get management level real time dashboards on our cloud platform or mobile app

Rich, exhaustive, future-ready

We offer a highly user-friendly platform with all the functionalities needed for your growth. Robust new feature pipeline to keep you future ready.

Send an email to your customers with XML embedded PDF e-invoices in just one click

Get all your e-invoice XMLs and auto-populate of your sales register through inbound e-invoices

Zero manual efforts through automatic collections and payments

24/7 Customer Support

Round the clock on-call engineers and 100+ CA’s to resolve any issue whenever you need it.

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  • ERP integration for Phase I and Phase II readiness
  • E-invoice and QR code proof of concept with your data
  • Compliant with ZATCA regulations

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Frequently asked questions

Is E-invoicing (FATOORAH) mandatory for me?

E-invoicing (FATOORAH) applies to all persons registered under VAT and any other parties issuing tax invoices on behalf of suppliers subject to VAT. Currently, taxable persons who are non-residents of KSA are excluded from E-invoicing requirements.

How do I prepare for the technical requirements of E-invoicing (FATOORAH)?

The technical requirements are typically implemented by solution providers (like BOTERP) or the internal technical teams for in-house built solutions. Taxpayers can approach us to update to a compliant electronic system and make sure that you are generating compliant invoices starting from December 4, 2021

What does an E-invoice look like and how is it different from current invoices?

For Phase 1 (December 4, 2021), format of the E-invoices is similar to that of current tax invoices, with some additional fields –
1. For Simplified tax invoices (issued for B2C transactions) – Mandatory to add QR codes
2. For Tax invoices (issued for B2B transactions) – Mandatory to add VAT number of buyer if the buyer is a registered VAT payer and Optional to add QR code No specific file format has been specified for Phase 1, but they must be issued from an electronic system meeting ZATCA’s requirements. Also, electronic copies of all invoices must be stored by the taxpayer.

When to issue an e-invoice vs a standard invoice?

E-invoices shall be issued for all tax invoices including export sales and other zero-rated supplies. Credits and debit notes should also be provided electronically. E-invoicing is not applicable for Exempt supplies, Import of goods and Supplies under reverse charge mechanism.

Does my invoicing solution need to be able to generate QR codes on invoices on December 4, 2021?

Yes, QR codes are mandatory for simplified tax invoices (issued for B2C transactions) and optionally for tax invoices (issued for B2B transactions). QR code is not provided by ZATCA and shall be generated by the BOT ERP E-invoicing software.