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Our company is experienced in developing customized web solutions that are tailored to our organizational requirements

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BOT Solutions provide web development services with having 10+ skilled web developers on board. Our web development team offers web development and maintenance services in a variety of industries. With a professional approach, our top management works incredibly hard to provide the ultimate after-sales services. We provide proficient IT services to offshore enterprises and web development business as a collaboration with several software companies all over the globe.

Stacks Used In Service

BOT Solutions provides quality services, we have a professional team to work on your projects. We use the following technology stacks for Web Development

We provides complete
Web Development Services


In order to understand the user public demands and implement the insights into UI design, our web designers thoroughly evaluate the user client.


The backend required information of your web app is precisely implemented by our developers. To ensure efficient and effective coding, we focus on tested frameworks.


We provide end-to-end web app development services that deliver secure, scalable, and high-performing applications across all platforms, from design to maintenance.


Our e-commerce web development services create seamless online stores with user-friendly experiences, reliable integrations, and full-scale platform builds, including the right extensions.


With over a year of providing reliable WordPress web development services, you can trust us to build a complete web solution on WordPress for your business.

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We set APIs to integrate your web app with business or from remote services and system. Data synchronize between systems is made possible by app integration.

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We set APIs to integrate your web app with business or from remote services and system. Data synchronize between systems is made possible by app integration.

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We make adjustments to your web-based solution to keep it efficient, accessible, and compliant with all of your increasing company requirements. We can deploy new, specified functional

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Our streamlined development process and experience allow us to deliver top-class web development services that fulfill all the requirements.

Easy to navigate UI/UX design

Scalable solution that performs well

Advance security feature

Maintenance & support

Greater accessibility and convenience



Our professional team offering web development services for more than five years, we have an approach that is accessible, efficient, and enables quality and timely delivery of your web-based solution. We will keep hold of everything, from gathering detailed requirements to ensuring that your system remains operational after deployment.


"Our professionals create technical documents for your web-based solution, while the designer develops a simple design. We also organize the team and initiate the overall project at this stage.


Our skilled web developers craft your custom web solution, which undergoes bi-weekly analysis using the scrum approach. Once testing is complete, our experienced professionals deploy your solution at BOT Solutions.


After deploying your web solution, we perform ongoing server monitoring, engage team members to fix bugs, and provide essential customer support services to our clients.


"In the final stage, websites and e-commerce businesses require frequent updates to meet changing client needs. To deliver these updates, we provide a dedicated team for post-deployment engagement.

We build Web Solutions

Web Portals

Since 2018, BOT Solutions has developed websites for a wide range of audiences, including clients, business partners, website visitors, customers, suppliers, and investment organizations.

Websites Design & Development

We have built the websites that are used for business company and marketing strategies by multiple enterprises,governmental organizations, and non-profits. We make sure that the page builder on our websites is simple to use so that flexible content may be maintained.

E commerce

We develop e-commerce systems for marketplace, B2C, and B2B business types. We can set up a new ecommerce website or seamlessly integrate an ecommerce feature into an existing web app.

Web apps

We build a web system to support various business operations effectively. We use advanced technologies to manage business system and streamline workflows for complete solution.

ERP and CRM Implementation

BOT Solutions utilizes all best practices and includes the concept to develop and deploy secure, high-performance ERP and CRM systems that cover the most of your organization's main business processes and activities. Our ERP and CRM software is accessible from mobile devices, desktop computers, and the cloud. It has some of the following features:

It is capable of managing inventory management projects, payroll, sales, and customer service reports. An ERP system is used to gather, manage, store, and interpret data from a variety of company operations, such as product planning, purchasing, and support services.

Any business or kind of enterprise can benefit from our ERP development services. We provide ERP for e-invoicing industry, manufacturing, services, wholesale distribution, retail, transportation & logistics, healthcare, consulting, finance, education, government, media, and entertainment.


Dedicated Team
To rapidly and continually grow the product, we manage a project team that uses agile methodology. You are charged for the team’s work over the course of a week or month. It is perfect for businesses in their early stages when the product must be discovered along the way. Instant starting and less scheduling are required.
Managed Fixed Price Product
When it comes to user and market research, design, development, and maintenance of your product, we take up complete responsibility. With a secure budget, suitable for the project’s initial iteration. In the beginning, requires more planning and analysis.

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What are the CMSs and languages you implement?

We implement major open-source e-commerce platforms like Magento, OpenCart, commerce, CMSs like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and technologies like PHP, MySQL, ASP.NET, RoR, and many others. We also have developers who are skilled in HTML5, CSS3 web designing and responsive web designing process.

What is a web application or web-based application?

A web application is a program that runs on the web. Typically interactive, the application accepts input from the web user, processes the input, and displays the results. Web applications usually have a multi-tier architecture and use technologies such as PHP, MySQL, and database connectivity to perform Read More...

What is e-commerce?

E-commerce is a general term for any type of business, or commercial transaction that involves the transfer of information and funds across the Internet. This covers a range of different types of selling, from consumer-based retail sites through auction and music sites, to business exchanges trading goods or Read More...

What is E-Business development?

E-Business is slightly more than e-commerce. Doing business between suppliers and vendors or partners can be done online. The complete business transaction can be done and controlled by an E-Business site.

Isn’t web development and web design the same thing?

All websites are created using web design techniques but web development, or Web programming, is only used when a site needs to be interactive, dynamic, or perform a function that is outside of the realm of static website design.

Why would I want web development or a database-driven site?

If your site has to be updated frequently, even on a small scale – A database-driven website will allow those without any design or development experience to make changes, updates, additions, or deletions thus saving money on maintenance contracts. Read More....